Apple iPhone 11 Repair 

Need to fix an iPhone 11 fast?

We are iPhone 11 Repair Specialists, we are able to carry out all repairs on the iPhone 11

Our spares backup enables us to carry out most repairs on the same day at our store in Bromley.

The most common repair we come across is damaged digitisers where the unit has taken a knock or drop and the glass touch screen has shattered.

We also cover more complex faults such as charging problems, software problems as well as audio and reception problems.

We also replace the rear housing back case and bezel, this is also a common problem after being dropped the rear housing will crack.

Our engineers are fully qualified to deal with all your iPhone 11 problems.

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We will assess the information you have provided to us and respond with a quote and/or instructions for repair, usually within 24 hours and often much faster!

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