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Foxed off with expensive smartphones? Foxfones has the answer

We’d all like to have the latest, must-have mobile phone, but unfortunately budgets don’t often stretch to buy brand new off-the-shelf. The expense of lengthy contracts can also put a dent in our wallets. The solution? Foxfones, the one-stop shop offers graded smartphones encompassing ‘used’, ‘refurbished’ and ‘new’ mobile phones. Catering for all budgets, Foxfones is not only easy on your purse but will leave you feeling good as refurbished phones are environmentally friendly.

We predominantly sell iPhones with grading for each mobile phone clearly displayed. As well as the three main categories, we also provide further transparency of our products with sub categories under ‘used’ with; ‘gold’, ‘silver’ and ‘bronze’, relating to the condition of each phone. Furthermore, Foxfones’ devices are all unlocked and network free, meaning they are ready-to-go, providing a hassle-free set-up for customers.

So where did Foxfones come from? Foxfones is the brainchild of Peter Man, founder of Foxfones Repairs, a mobile phone repair shop. Over the past seven years Peter and his team have been catering for the people of Bromley in South London, fixing faulty or smashed phones. Having built up a glowing reputation in the local area (check out our reviews) and recognising a demand for more affordable phone options, Peter made the decision to expand the business and launch his online platform.

“It is certainly fair to say that people love a bargain and often search online for affordable alternatives,” states Peter. “We often hear customers complain about the price of their contracts and how they’d like to buy a phone outright.  This is out of reach for many, however with the launch of our online shop we can now provide a way for people to snap up that iPhone they’ve always wanted. As well as the price tag there are plenty of benefits to buying a refurbished phone, so we hope to enlighten those who wouldn’t have considered this an option. And with Christmas coming up, it’s the perfect time to treat any tech-lover.”

We hope you like the site and find what you are looking for.  Feel free to browse the shop here.

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